About Luxane™ 

My designs are made with Luxane, a state-of-the-art California-made polyurethane resin which meets California’s stringent environmental requirements. 

Unlike older generations of resin, this more ecologically-friendly resin system gives off no vapors in manufacturing, emits no ozone-depleting compounds and has no free-radical iso-cyanates. 

No melting or heating is required in the fabrication of this resin so its manufacturing process is virtually energy-free. This resin requires no respirators when mixing and produces no hazardous waste or by-products.

This resin however is very challenging to work with.  It involves expensive equipment such as pumps, tanks, compressors, and ultra-precise scales. Because the cured resin is so tough, finishing it requires yet more special equipment and two to three times more effort to finish each piece.  

In addition, this one-of-a-kind resin is extremely UV-resistant. It resists yellowing and protects any embeddings or inclusions from fading or deterioration.

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