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Elegant domed cocktail rings are crafted in Luxane™, a state-of-the-art polyurethane resin.   Learn more about Luxane. 

Gold and silver rings are made of genuine 23 karat gold and pure silver leaf permanently sealed inside each ring. The kaleidoscope ring contains metal leaf which has been heat treated to bring out the various rich colors. 

Each ring is a unique work of art. No two are identical. When you order, you can expect the overall effect and colors to be the same as pictured, but the details vary. 

Completely hand-cast from a custom mold in my workshop, lovingly finished,  and polished to perfection. 

These rings match my gold and silver leaf bangles.

Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.   

Each ring is made individually; please allow 5 business days for shipment.  
Shipping within USA is via First Class Mail with confirmation receipt at $3.95. 

Shipping available to many countries outside the USA. Please email me for shipping costs and details before placing order.. 


Domed 23K Gold Ring








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Price 25.00
Resin with 23K gold leaf

Available in size 6,7,8

Domed Pure Silver Ring








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Price 25.00
Resin with pure silver leaf in size 6,7,8

Domed Kaleidoscope Ring








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Price 25.00
Resin with heat-treated metal leaf

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