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Modern Vintage

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23 Karat Gold. Pure Silver. Graded Pearls. Luxurious Beads. Suspended in sleek, clear resin. 

Inspired by vintage resin jewelry, upgraded with precious or semi-precious materials.  Superior to Lucite™, water-clear and glass-like, yet lightweight and unbreakable. UV resistant. 

These individually crafted bangles are one-of-a-kind works of art made in my Los Angeles studio. Each bangle is completely hand-made and hand-finished, as are all the molds. 

People sometimes ask me what differentiates my work from Alexis Bittar's or from Louis Vuitton's Inclusions™ series.  Briefly, I believe Alexis Bittar's carved Lucite jewelry is just that: carved from solid pieces of Lucite, then gilded with paint.  The process that I use involves casting from liquid resin using a custom mold which gives me the opportunity to embed precious and semi-precious materials.  Louis Vuitton's Inclusions are also cast from resin. However, he prefers brass and glass inclusions (embeddings) rather than precious ones.  Their work is an inspiration to me. 

"Unique.  These ultrasleek, sophisticated pieces are unlike anything you've seen, yet you'll take comfort in their familiar, traditional jewelry materials and timeless shapes."  Stefania